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Data Integration

Multiple Sources, One Result: Actionable Marketing and Business Intelligence

The foundation of Topica’s solution is a customizable, on-demand database – developed to be the one place where you can integrate, analyze, understand, and act on the marketing and customer data essential to your business. This may include prospect or customer data you already have, data you collect continuously from your Web site or PBA programs. This could also be data you’ll generate with conversion tracking or outbound marketing programs.

Specifically, Topica’s solution allows you to capture, integrate and meaningfully associate data from the following sources:

Imported Data Files
CRM or SFA Systems via our API
Subscription or Other Data-Capture forms on your Web Site
Your Shopping Cart or Registration Process
Clicks or Opens to Email Campaigns and Autoresponders
Topica Conversion Tracking Data

Data from any and all of these sources is added directly to your customized Topica database where it is immediately available for simple rule-based segmentation, allowing you to create or automatically trigger tightly targeted follow-up communications including welcome messages; shopping cart abandonment campaigns; post-sale, up-sell or cross-sell campaigns; and more.

All incoming data can also be “tagged” with its source information (or any other tracking data relevant to your business) to facilitate measuring the results of lead generation or other PBA programs, campaign creative, landing pages, sales promotions and more.

Topica’s ability to integrate data from multiple sources allows online businesses to easily add our solution’s capabilities to their existing systems. Topica can also act as a “stand alone” solution for collecting and acting on prospect data, marketing and business intelligence. For more information or a personal consultation on how we can solve your data integration needs, please contact us today.

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