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Technology Platform

Topica’s Solution: Built on State-of-the-Art Technology

Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution relies on a state-of-the-art hosted application, uniquely developed by Topica, and continuously enhanced and optimized since it was introduced in 1998. Following are details of the major components of Topica’s technology platform:
All data is stored reliably using a distributed architecture across multiple Oracle databases.
Each database server utilizes a high availability cluster solution with redundant hardware components and automatic fail-over capability.
Application components are deployed using the industry-leading transaction processing system, BEA Tuxedo® which guarantees application component redundancy, fail-over capabilities and transaction integrity of your data.
Distributed and loosely coupled back-end architecture with automatic load balancing ensures consistently short load times for all web pages, while supporting tens of thousands of concurrent users online.
An asynchronous, queue-based approach to mail delivery guarantees that no email is ever lost in our system.
Topica’s proven email transport engine utilizes a highly-optimized templating system which allows horizontal scaling of our Linux-based mail servers, capable of delivering millions of messages per hour.
Topica’s Web applications use Apache Web servers.
Topica software runs exclusively on Linux® and Solaris – the two most stable and reliable server operating systems.
Our servers are co-located in a highly secure data center, protected from power outages and other external cataclysms.
Our skilled operations team is continuously working to ensure 24x7 operation of all system components.
Topica’s development team is dedicated to supporting the existing application functionality, as well as developing new features, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in online marketing and sales.
With our dedicated team and proven technology based on industry leading products from Oracle, Network Appliance, Veritas, BEA and Sun, your online marketing and sales success is our priority at Topica.